where the games are kept

Here you can find topics on retro, indie and contemporary games. All intertwined with vague analytical ramblings. The page is composed of (usually) short subjective critique that amounts to no more than nonsensical bantering of a wasted youth.

I hope to compile my articles in a way that newbies as well as the hard-core crowd get something out of these tidbits of information. At the very least maybe it’s helpful in passing the time more amusingly. 

Let’s be honest, you can get a lot better and a lot more from pretty much any other place on the web. So think of PixelKeep as a suggestion site where we quite passively bring your attention to the underdogs of the gaming realm.

NB! The lists are compiled in no particular order and have no confined set of entries.

Ian Streamsby/artist&developer
Charles Willow/writer